Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ready or not...

When I decided to start seriously running in May, the idea of completing the St. Jude Half Marathon over half a year later seemed like a totally attainable goal! Then I attempted my first run... and the wind came rushing out of my sails!! How devastating to learn that I could barely make it one lap around the neighborhood without wanting to die! I was frustrated, disappointed, and completely discouraged.  However, I was also somewhat determined. I mean, for crying out loud... I've been an athlete relatively my entire life.  As my brother said before our 10k last summer to justify his lack of training... "I did sports in high school."

So... With this mantra in mind, I signed up for 5k after 5k only to discover that I was not only slow, but depending on the day, I couldn't really run very far!  I had to get better!!

Here is me at a 5k in May!! I'm smiling, because I know my picture is being taken, but I actually want to throw up right about now!! 

So as if my confidence wasn't shot enough... I tried a 10k.  As you can see from my casual stroll rather than run... that didn't go very well either!! Ha!

Not long after that, I joined the Women Walk/Run Memphis group.  We met on Monday nights and these ladies helped me beyond my wildest expectations!! I started the program with a sub 30 5k goal in mind...

After countless miles, speed and hill work, and constant encouragement from ladies like Ms. Caroline here...
I finally did it!!! 

So here we are... 6 months later.  The half marathon is a short 3 1/2 weeks away, and I can honestly say I'm SO excited!! In the last month of seriously adding mileage, the runs have gotten easier, and I've finally gained some confidence!! My husband has been my biggest fan and I never would have made it this far without his never ending support.  He lets me cry to him when I have a bad run! He lets me act like an Olympic champion when I have a great run!! He encourages me.  He motivates me. And most importantly, he loves me no matter what, and I couldn't be more grateful!! 

A couple more long runs, and I'll be putting my hero bib on to make the 13.1 mile jog around Memphis.  I'm excited.  I'm nervous.  I'm ready to say I did it!! Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me along the way!! 

Ready or not... Bring on the St. Jude Half!!  


  1. Yay for setting goals and a bigger YAY for accomplishing them! So proud of you! Only wish I were running with you. Maybe next year...

  2. Thanks Karen!!! Get that foot better and we're on for next year!! :)