Thursday, October 25, 2012

Could Not... Would Not..

So I'm throwing a baby shower next month using all things Dr. Seuss!  Somehow that got me thinking about different things you "could not, would not" ever catch me doing...

Here is the top 10 list:
You could not, would not catch me.....

10. Buying laundry detergent! 
          The stuff I make myself works just as well if not better, and it's so much cheaper that I could never justify buying Tide or Gain ever again! 

9. Eating lima beans!
          These things look gross, smell gross, and make me wanna gag before they even reach my mouth. 

8. Grocery shopping without a list.
          This would be a catastrophe!  I would forget half of what I needed and buy 10 things I didn't need.  Even if it's a list of 3 things... I ALWAYS have a list. 
7.  Wearing navy and black together.
          I realize that this is no longer quite the faux pas that it once was.  But I still just can't do it.  

6. Sweeping my hardwood floor.
        I got a Roomba for my birthday.  'Nuff Said.

5. Wearing blue eye shadow.
        I've seen some magazine articles where they supposedly teach you how to do this properly.  Even the examples look bad to me.  I can't actually recall a time I saw blue eye shadow worn in a way that looked good.  Sorry... The 80s called and they want their eye shadow back.  Just can't do it.

4. Cheering for ISU.
         Once upon a time, I would root for ISU as long as they weren't playing Iowa.  ISU has some good fans, I know.  However, the bad ones are just a little too loud for me and have made it impossible for me to cheer for the Cy-clowns without wanting to puke.  And I hate puking.  Therefore, until further notice: I will be unable to cheer for ISU under any circumstances.

3. Taking a picture of myself in a bathroom mirror.
         Do I even need to explain this?  There is never a need to take a picture of yourself in a bathroom mirror to post on facebook or twitter or instagram or what have you. Grow up ladies!! (And seriously the duck face doesn't look good on anybody. Period.)

2.  Leaving dishes in the sink until the next day.
          I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to sleep if there were dirty dishes in my sink.  It only takes a few moments to wash them, so I can't imagine not taking care of that before bed! (This is usually up to Wesley anyway, and I'm fairly certain he feels the same way.)

1. Voting for Barack Obama.
          I won't get into dirty politics, but just know that I could not vote for this man under any circumstances.  Ever.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

To Blog, or Not to Blog...

I want to blog.  I just don't know how.   I like talking about random stuff.  I like rambling on and on, whether people are listening or not.  I can talk about the most trivial topic for the longest time.  So why not start a blog??

Well, a part of me thinks blogs are a bit pretentious.  Do I really think anyone cares about what I'm blabbing on and on about?  Do I really have anything to blab on about in the first place?  The answer to both questions is: not really.  But do I have things going on in my life that I may want to go back and remember someday?  Yes, I do.  

So here we are...

Whether anyone reads it or not...

I'm starting a blog. :)