Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Baby Shower - Seuss Style

After planning for what seemed like forever... the time finally came for my Seuss-themed baby shower in honor of the Winston twins!

When I planned my Saturday, I clearly wasn't using my better judgement!! My alarm went off around 6am.  After some coffee and a peanut butter sandwich, I headed to Olive Branch to run the hilliest 9.3 miles I've ever experienced!! After about 1 hr and 40 minutes of near torture, I headed home to start getting ready.  Much to my dismay... I found my baked cupcakes in crumbles on the floor.
Thanks, Gus!! Add re-baking cupcakes to my to-do list!!  Good thing I already had many things done!!

Like these water bottles...

And these diaper cakes...

And these cake pops...


After a shower, it was time to clean, bake, cook and decorate!! Wesley got home around 2 and we headed to Collierville for a birthday party!! I was in charge of these Sock Monkey pops... So we really needed to be on time!! Considering, I had no gift, and needed a Target stop... There was no way that was happening!! Better late than never, right?

After booking it home from a lovely birthday party for lil Tyler... It was a whirl wind to tie up last minute things before the guests arrived! With lots of help from the Barham family and my wonderful husband... we were ready just in time!!

Here is the drink table... (punch, sweet tea, and water)

And the food table... (ham and cheese sliders (not pictured), buffalo chicken dip, mini pigs in a blanket (not pictured), fruit, veggies, cupcakes, and cakepops)

Everyone had enough food and plenty of fun!! We played a couple games, watched some football, Que and Nikiel opened some wonderful presents, and we laughed until our sides hurt!! I can only hope the Winstons were as blessed as I was!!

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